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C22000 - (Commercial Bronze) This copper-zinc alloy has excellent cold working properties for spinning and drawing. it is stronger and harder than copper and has good resistance against stress corrosion or season cracking. it is excellent for outdoor service such as lighting fixtures, weather stripping, kick and push plates.

C38500 - (Architectural Bronze) This alloy is similar to C360 (Free Cutting Brass) with the only significant difference being a slightly higher lead content in C360 for better machinability. The machinability rating for C385 is 90 compared to 100 for C360. While available in several product forms, we stock this alloy in angle only.

C46400 - (Naval Bronze) The excellent strength and corrosion-resistance of this alloy make it a favorite for shafting. It has fair machining qualities, but is readily hot headed and hot forged. It is widely specified for tube sheets and support plates in heat exchangers and steam condensers.

C51000 - (Phosphor Bronze) Phosphor Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin to which phosphorus is added to completely rid the alloy of oxides. When rolled 8# hard it is tough and strong and possesses great resistance to fatigue and corrosion. Diaphragms, switch parts and electrical contacts are some of its typical applications.

C61400 - (Aluminum Bronze Sheet/Plate) This aluminum bronze has high strength and good properties at both high and sub-zero temperatures. it can be hardened by cold working and possesses high impact and fatigue strength. Its excellent corrosion-resistance makes it well adapted for process and marine industries. Its use as wear strips and plates reflect its inherit wear resistance properties.

  C63000 - (Aluminum Nickel Bronze) This is a nickel aluminum bronze and is widely used when even greater strength than aluminum bronze is required, such as for cam bearings, pump agitators, shafts and aircraft parts.

C64200 - (Aluminum Bronze Rod) The addition of aluminum to copper generally improves its corrosion-resistance. High strength, hardness, wear resisting qualities and good resistance to corrosion fatigue are attributes of this alloy.

C65500 - (Silicon Bronze) This copper-silicon alloy is characterized by high strength and exceptional resistance to corrosion. It has the strength and toughness of mild steel, is excellent for both hot and cold working and is readily welded. It is widely used for pole line and marine hardware, welded tanks and unfired pressure vessels.

C67500 - (Manganese Bronze) Basically a tin bronze, manganese is added to serve as a deoxidizer. Its principal characteristics are high strength, toughness and excellent resistance to corrosion. This alloy has important marine applications such as propellers, rudders and non-magnetic mountings.

C93200 - (SAE 660 Bearing Bronze) This alloy provides bearing characteristics of balanced excellence. It is stocked in 105" random bars and can be cut to specific lengths as required. These machinable bronze bars are used chiefly for making maintenance bearings, parts or repairs to machinery. Typical examples are bearings for cranes, fuel and water pump bushings and machine tool bearings.

SAE 841 - (Solid Sintered Bearing Bronze Bars) After forming, sintering and sizing, the finished bearings are impregnated with SAE 30 high grade, non-detergent mineral oil conforming to MIL-L-151016A.

H02 - 1/2 Hard

H04 - Hard

H08 - Spring

O60 - Soft Annealed

  H50 - Extruded and Drawn

HR50 - Drawn and Stress Relieved

M20 - Soft

O61 - Annealed


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