Band Sawing

Automatic multiple cutting up to 16" by 16" bar or 16" diameter round bar, rod or tubing.

Coil Processing

Aluminum, brass, copper, copper-nickel and stainless steel coil from .010" through 5/16" thick and up to 96" wide are leveled and cut to length on Alaskan Copper's coil processing line.


Precision shearing from light gauge up to 3/8" thick copper, stainless steel and aluminum alloy material. Sheet and plate can be sheared up to 20 foot lengths using an adjustable backgauge.

Router Cutting

Our CNC router can cut a variety of materials, within a 96" x 600" cutting area.

Waterjet Cutting

Our CNC waterjet table can cut a variety of materials, within a 120" x 312" cutting area.

Splice Welding

Automatic gas tungsten-arc and plasma welding processes to achieve wider and /or longer finished sizes from stock material. The weld procedures and welder qualifications conform to Section IX of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. The resulting weld has minimum distortion and minimum reinforcement to allow easy forming such as rolling. Welds up to 20 feet in length can be made.

Plasma Cutting

Computerized automatic hi-definition plasma cutting of any shape can be accomplished. All corrosion-resistant alloys can be cut up to 3" thick. Up to 96" x 480" material can be accommodated. A water table is utilized to keep slag and the heat affected zone to a minimum.


Metal carbide sawing of aluminum plate and copper alloy through 8" thick. Material can be cut up to 20 ft in length.

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication of most industrial shapes can be performed by our affiliated company, Alaskan Copper Works. Work will be performed on a complete package basis including material or on a labor only basis utilizing the customer's material. The entire engineering and drafting department of Alaskan Copper Works is at your disposal, offering computerized design of heat transfer equipment, pressure vessels and tanks.